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When The Numbers Do Not Balance
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 Posted: Thu Jan 16th, 2020 04:12 pm
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From time to time we receive a call asking why some number on a report doesn't balance to another number, is a negative number, etc.   There are two options when this occurs:
  1. Request a Forensic Analysis of your data for a specific business day. A fee applies.
  2. Learn how to find the cause of the problem on your own.
Depending on the nature of the problem ie:  cash is short, paid out doesn't match, etc the procedure will vary.  In general, follow the procedure listed below when a specific number is questionable:
  • Reprint all till, server bank and driver bank reports.
  • Add all figures manually coming up with a grand total for all numbers on the till and bank reports for cash, credit, paid outs, etc.
  • Run the Accountant Summary and compare the manual totals to the Accountant Summary Report.    NOTE:  The Accountant Summary totals all cash, credit, etc regardless of which till recorded the transaction.
  • When you find a discrepancy (for example the amount of credit cards) focus on that aspect.
  • Navigate to Office Manager>Orders.  All orders are listed. There is no filter applied to the list.
  • Make sure you can see the following columns:  Order Number, Order Date, Business Day, Total and Status.  Add any missing columns, or for that matter other desired columns, by choosing "CUSTOMIZE VIEW" from the left hand tool bar.
  • Start by viewing the first order number for the business day in question.  Locate each transaction on one of the till or bank reports.
  • Continue until you have found a transaction in Office Manager that is not found on any till or bank report.  This is likely the cause of the problem.
  • From there, you may need to confirm the status of the order (open or paid), the business day the order was paid (perhaps the next day), etc.
  • At this point it's a matter of tracking down the payment for the order and determining when and where it was paid.
The aforementioned are general guidelines.  Depending on the nature of the problem, feel free to vary the procedure.
Most of our users are able to location the cause of the problem on their own but in the case you would like us to perform a Forensic Analysis of you data, we will need your data and an explanation of the problem.  The fee is $149.00 per hour payable in advance before the analysis begins.

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