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Big Holler Online Ordering
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 Posted: Fri Feb 9th, 2018 06:12 pm
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Is there a way (setting) that I can give servers (or bartender in my case) access to tickets that have come through as online orders? The system is new to us,a dn we're working out the kinks in house..but we just had an issue where an order was placed, to be paid as cash. When the guest arrived to pick it up, the bartender looked in the computer to see the ticket and when she didn't see it assumed it had been paid out as credit.

Is there a better way than having a manager manually assigning a particular server/bartender to each online order that comes in?

 Posted: Fri Feb 9th, 2018 11:09 pm
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Several thoughts on this matter:
  1. Make sure that servers check:  closed, open and pending orders to identify the order before it's released to the customer.
  2. There is a red stripe at the bottom of View Tickets>Show that will not let a server see anything but their own orders.  Consider unchecking the checkbox if servers handle other servers orders.
  3. There is a permission in user security to restrict what orders a server can view, specifically:  others orders, closed orders, etc.  Make sure viewing tickets is wide open for the servers, managers that handle more than their own orders.
  4.  The View tickets screen allows a server to look up an order number.
  5. For online orders, consider asking BigHoller to send a human readable copy of the order to an email address available to all staff.  When in doubt, the server/manager can locate the customer's order and confirm the status, paid or open.   This is in addition to the menu.xml file that is already sent to Point of Success so that the order can enter the system automatically.
Never should a server release an order until he/she can find it in the system and learn the status of the order.  "Basic training" so to speak.

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