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Error 11280 (version 2.5 and above)
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 Posted: Fri Jan 13th, 2012 09:36 pm
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Jeff Ward

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This error indicates a failure of the client software (Order Entry, Office Manager, etc) to communicate with the Arsenal Database Server. Communication is made through specific ports that must be open-ports 22007 and 22008.  This error can be caused by any of the following:
  • a network fault (loose cable, bad network card, switch, invalid/improperly setup network, etc).
  • a firewall blocking network communication.
  • an invalid/old POSDS.INI file.
  • an invalid/old POSDS.INI file located in the "virtual store"- applies to Windows Vista, 7 & 8 computers using the User Account Control (UAC).   
  • Arsenal Database Server is not running-check Windows Services.
  • Third party software (such as unapproved security and anti-virus software) blocking program and port activity.

Note: To access the Windows Virtual Store, hidden files must be made visible. Navigate to the Control Panel>Folder Options.  Choose the VIEW tab and then select "Show hidden files, folders and drives".
Next, navigate to the virtual store by following this path:
C:Users\(replace with current user name)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Point of Success.  There you should find the POSDS.INI file.  Delete the POSDS.INI file.  It may also be located at:  C: \Program Files (x86)\ Point of Success.  Be sure to check both locations.

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